To all my Andrews, Tx peeps

(Maybe not everyone)

I know what it's like. Being 16 in a place where nobody understands you. Why not? Because you see the world differently. Because you see the world through a different lens. You don't fully understand why everyone around you sees the world so black and white while you see a world of infinite color and possibility. Being 20, maybe heart broken, lost, anxious to get out, unrelatable, and ready to quit. To give up on crazy visions of your grandeur that even your mom thinks your nuts. School really isn't for you. Working in the oil field is the death of your creativity.

Because your something bigger than that.. you have a light inside you that wants to be shown. To be seen.

You may have no idea what that light is or what it means.. but.. it's there.. and it's been there your whole life.

Don't give up on it.

I promise the more you let is shine.. the closer and more clear it will be.

The crazier and more different you will be the closer you get to it.

And that's ok too.

Ben Gibson