Let It Be

Awake at night.. Wide eyed and questioning..
This time the thoughts are louder..
Who are you really?
Where are you really?
Where are you going next really?
Missing the touch and love of another but never have had it enough to say that.
Through the challenges of learning to face myself
and learning all the curious and beautiful and scary things
left to be found, spoken, and lived.
But tonight I decide it's ok to be all of those things.
It's ok to be scared and lonely and confused.
Because as in the conversation I had with a friend...
This will probably pass too..
It always usually passes.
Again and again.. From stage to stage.. And phase to phase..
Rolling with the punches and cherishing the days I spend with whom I love.
Shh.. Be still.. Stop shivering.. And let it be.

Ben Gibson