The Spark

I'm from the little West Texas town Andrews, TX. 

This is where my story starts. 

In a place that inspired the spark of this entire journey I have been on for 4 years. A place that gave birth to a fire in me to go out and do and build and connect and rally and join other people just like me... dreamers.

So, Youvolution was born. 

And I began my journey to find my place..  build a brand.. and change the world..

In this process of building this brand I have failed many times.. gone down the wrong path.. lost money.. built amazing friendships.. been so confused I've wanted to give up.. let people down.. changed lives.. been a part of so many dreams.. and felt more alive than ever...

And still.. I find myself lost sometimes.. 

I had a visit with a chaplain once while in the Marine Corps. I told him that I had no idea what the hell I was doing there.. and that none of this made any sense. He told me that I would not be able to understand because we were all a piece to a bigger puzzle. He told me I should believe in the greater cause of our mission and it was my duty to do my part.

Looking back, life is just like that.. and Youvolution is just like that.. You don't have to understand the big picture all the time. but instead you just have to pursue it... and just move forward.. 

It's really fucking hard sometimes..

Especially when you've failed over and over again..

And this is how I have come to love and build Youvolution. As my own personal puzzle piece.. as confusing as it is sometimes.. going on 4 years and I am still refining our mission, brand, and what we do for people. 

So... If you know me and you have been a part of my journey this will make total sense to you. 

Youvolution is a way of being.. It's a the act of believing in a dream you might have for the world and chasing it. It's the act of showing up for other dreamers along your journey and being a cheerleader..  helping when you can.. and inspiring people around you to do the same. 

So.. if you're one of those people.. and you're ready, willing, and excited to start.. 


We're all waiting..

The world is waiting...

for you (the person reading this) volution (to go change the world)


Built to inspire and be inspired.



Ben Gibson, Founder of Youvolution

Ben Gibson