A letter from Youvolution Founder and CEO, Ben Gibson

I am from Andrews, TX, and West Texas was not really a cultivating environment for people like myself...people with dreams, ambitions, or pretty much anything outside of the oilfield. I know there are so many teens and young people that feel this way in Andrews, and everywhere around the country. I've met so many dreamers already along my path, and we all need the same thing -  a supportive community to co-create and flourish.

I got into the art of film making in 2013 when I met a beautiful soul that fleetingly passed through my life in Andrews making a documentary. Mimi Chakarova shifted my life’s path more than she probably realizes. She captured my story, as part of a documentary she was creating, and in the process I fell in love with the story-telling empowerment of filmmakers.

I realized that the dreamer in all of them was a direct reflection of the dreamer in myself. The dreamers who see the world differently and work everyday to make the world just a little better.

In July of 2013 I started Youvolution with the hopes that I could create a place for people to feel welcome, a part of something, and inspired. Last year, we outgrew our home office and opened our first co-working space, on East Riverside. We offer film gear and editing equipment for a monthly membership rate. Most of all Youvolution is a community and co-creation network for independent filmmakers of all kinds.

This is the first step in my journey to build a place where filmmakers can go to find everything they need to pursue their dreams at an affordable rate. I have dreams of including housing (our current land project on the way!), more equipment, more work space, more outlets for artists to showcase their work, mentorship, the list goes on and on.

So for now, filmmakers are our forte. We can’t wait to do more for musicians and artists of all kinds in the future.

Stay tuned! We are just getting started.

Keep Dreaming Dreamer,

Ben Gibson
Founder and CEO of Youvolution